Social Media Marketing

By: Daniel Barulich

Social Media

Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms
to market your business, product, or se

Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms to market your business, product, or service. It can be done with an every growing list of platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and so many more. As more and more people sign up for and spend free time on these social media platforms it becomes an ever larger arena to grow your business. According to Zephoria, Facebook alone grew by almost half a billion users last year. Facebook alone has 2.74 billion users. Advertising for your business on Facebook alone gives you so much access to that huge pool of people, not to mention if you used multiple platforms.

How Can Social Media Marketing Grow your Business?

Well in short, it enables you to reach a great number of potential people. Roughly 3.8 billion people are on some sort of social media platform! That is crazy, that means that around 60% of the worlds population uses social media. Could you imagine passing on the chance to get in front even 1% of those people? Social media marketing allows you to reach those potential customers or clients. The benefits go past the shear numbers. Another benefit is added validity. Companies with a social media presence are seen to more reliable and more trusted than companies who do not have the same presence. This makes and SEO benefit as well since validity is an SEO factor. There is even another SEO benefit; backlinks. Backlinks are when another source links to your website. Every time someone shares or another company links to your article or page you gain backlinks which directly increases your organic ranking and grows your business. Social media marketing can also be relatively inexpensive. There are paid ads and natural posts, we will go more in-depth on both of those shortly. Another fantastic reason to use social media is to give information about your business. This information can be anything from information about your product or service to updates about COVID related business changes. Keeping customers up-to-date is important and keeps them thinking about your business. Social media can also be used as a remarketing tool. Potential customers can see your content multiple times or you can even use audience lists to display ads to people who have already viewed your site or something similar. Remarketing is an important step in the buying process, without it you can lose out on a lot of potential buyers. Social media offers a quick, cost effective, and large reaching way to remarket your product or service. With a variety of options to advertise and the great number of people you can reach there really is no reason not to use social media for business purposes.

How Does Social Media Marketing Work?

You can use social media in two ways to grow businesses. The first is with paid ads. Paid ads can be considered a form of PPC. PPC is pay-per-click, social media ads are charged per user click. That being said, it usually cheaper than typical search engine PPC marketing. As little as $5/day can start gaining traction and visibility. The second way is with natural posts. This is the same way any personal account would post on their page. You simply write a post with or without a video or image. Then through shares and likes your page starts to get visibility and gain viewers to your website. These viewers are typically more interested and are further down the buying process making this a nice mid funnel source of clients and customers. The most optimal way to use social media for business is to use a combination of both methods. The use of ads without natural posts makes it harder for users when they try to get more information from your page so if you only want to use 1 method of social media marketing pick natural posts. The better the content in the posts the more engaging it will be to potential customers. The best way to gauge how well your marketing is doing is through engagements since most of the time it can be difficult to tell if a customer came from a social media or not.

Should I Hire a Firm for Social Media Marketing?

It depends on your business structure. If you have a dedicated marketing department or even an office person with some free time you can do in-house. If you don’t have either of those or maybe you do not want to tie your people up with more work, outsourcing is definently a good idea. There are a few benefits of outsourcing. The first is having experienced managers look after your accounts. Having someone experienced ensures you are not wasting time or money with unoptimized advertising. Another great reason to outsource is the content creation. Creating content can take time and resources you or your team may not have which makes creating engaging posts hard. Outsourcing gives access to more of those tools so that the posts and ads are high quality and sure to get more customers. Also outsourcing alleviates stress and work on your business since it is one less thing you need to do in an already busy day.

What’s the Process?

The process on your end is very simple! All any firm, including us, would need is login information to your social media accounts if you currently have accounts. If you do not have accounts then we just need whatever login information you would like them to have a credit card to use for the advertisements. After that, the work is all on us. We will set up the accounts if necessary, set up ads, then begin writing content for your posts. The only other thing we may ask you for is if you already have access to photos for your site or stock photos that we can use for content. After everything is running smoothly and all is set up we analyze and adjust to perfectly optimize your accounts to give the best possible chance to build your business. Social media marketing is really as simple as that, the trick is making engaging content that brings customers or clients to your business.