Pay Per Click

By: Daniel Barulich


What is Pay
Per Click Marketing?Pay Per Click marketing is a very effective and useful tool that al

What is Pay Per Click Marketing?

Pay Per Click marketing is a very effective and useful tool that all online businesses should use, according to Search Engine Journal Pay Per Click Marketing is "an advertising model that lets marketers place ads on an ad platform and pay the host of that platform every time their ad is clicked". In simpler terms, you show ads and pay for every click on that advertisement. In practical use this is done on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Pay per click, or ppc, is done through platforms like Google Ads and Bing Ads. The basic idea is rather simple, you decide what search terms you want to show ads for, write your ads, then pay Google or Bing for clicks. Of course there is more things that go into the setup but that is the basic idea. Lets Find out more about how PPC can grow your business!

How Can Pay Per Click Grow my Business?

Pay per click drives traffic to your site. That is the main use of ppc. PPC is far more likely to produce a sale or a contact than simple search results. According to 99firms’s post users who click on an advertisement are 50% more likely to convert (produce a sale or a form submission). The same post also says that users are 49% more likely to click on an advertisement than they are to click on an organic post. This makes sense since the first 3-4 search results are usually from ads. Another benefit of pay per click marketing is the traffic that it generates. A key variable that search engines use to rank organic posts is traffic that a website generates. So, ppc generates traffic which raises the websites organic ranking giving more sales/form submissions. PPC also yields quicker results than normal organic ranking. This is due to the placement of the ads. The ads are set in front of people that are actively looking for your product or a similar product. Your ads are in the right place in the right time. For detailed ads management. You can even further target specific audiences based on their interests, demographics, or even if they have visited before. Having ads in front of people who are interested in your business offering brings your chances of converting up higher. Generally, organic rankings take time, according to Google changes can take anywhere from 4 days to 4 weeks to take effect. Pay per click ads can take as long as 24 hours to start showing. 24 hours is generally longer, most ads get approved within a couple of hours then they immediately go in front of your customers. No matter what way you look at it ppc can grow your business!

Other Reasons to use Pay Per Click?

If the above reasons aren’t good enough to convince you to use ppc maybe some of these will. One of the most compelling reasons to use ppc, other than to drive sales and traffic, is the competition. Roughly 45% of all small businesses use ppc, meaning that if you are not using it to reach customers or clients then you are likely losing to the competition. Another great reason is that the average return on investment is around 200%. Some markets may be less, and some may be more but to be getting 200% ROI is amazing for any marketing tool. This also means that most small business do not need to be throwing a ton of money into advertising to get an increase in business. Another great reason is visibility. If the ads are managed correctly and your budget supports competition in your market, you can be shown in the first 3 search results. It is simple most people click on one of they very first results they are shown if it fits what they searched for. Chances are that they will stay on your website longer because they are interested in your product or service. Also, we are seeing that digital marketing is becoming bigger and bigger every year. More people are shopping or doing research online. PPC is a great opportunity to take advantage of the growth in online shopping!

What is Our Pay Per Click Process?

First and foremost we talk with you about your business goals and market. Then we research your market. We want to know as much as possible about your market before starting, this gives us the clearest picture of what we are doing. Next we work with you to set up an ads account. On your end it is very simple, give us an email address that we can put on the account as an owner, give us your budget, and depending on the situation we may need access to the backend of the website. After we get that information, we go to work. We do keyword research to get the best search terms for your market, we set up a Google Analytics account if you do not have one (it is free), then we set up conversion tracking, and lastly we watch and adjust the ads account to optimize it for your business. Conversion tracking is the part where we need to have some way to inject code into your website. We like to use Google Tag Manager (another free tool), to put in the code but if you do not have an account already we need to set it up with a small amount of backend code on your website. This allows the ads and analytics account to see if someone from ads, or not from ads, has made a purchase or form submission on your website. This can all be done in a matter of a day or two. Of course there are a few more points that go into actual management of your ads account that we take care of for you. After that you are off and running to grow your business. PPC really does work for most markets. If growing your business interests you ppc is a great way to do it. If you are ready to get started maybe you have questions more than this article answered. Either way please do not hesitate to contact us for all of your ppc needs!